Kam Wong a young dynamic international photographer; from Canada since 2006 and now base in Hong Kong. With over 8 years experience in the fashion industry, he brings fashion photography to new aspect. 

His client is not limited to luxury fashion brand - Farfetch, LaneCrowford, world wide international brad -  I.T. Apparels, but also advertising campaigns for Advolve Media, Commerces Socials, and WGM 2014. Product shoots in mutile brand such as Niels Peeraer, Alinka, Megan Park, Rick Owens.

His work has publish wildly in fashion magazine both online and print include Photo Vogue Italia, Estela Magazine, Elle N Mor.

Kam believe local fashion brand can be more inference and attractive to reach out their audiences, with his art and photography experience in fashion industry.

"I am Passionate 

            about my ART and photography"




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+852 97223593

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